Zen's Portfolio

From the very start of my creative journey, my unyielding drive and laser-focused goal-setting have been my secret ingredients for success. This trait isn’t just a compass; it’s a rocket that’s taken me beyond titles, opening doors to endless opportunities. In just a year as an art director intern, I soared from intern to team leader, a feat that’s now prepared me to guide Ogilvy O25 interns as they transition from students to real-world pros.

My knack for design, innate style, and love for crafting powerful concepts have always made me stand out, even when I was younger. Growing up on the vibrant streets of Soweto, I turned limited resources into pure creative magic, making the ordinary truly extraordinary. This journey has been an incredible one, and I’m bursting with optimism as I look ahead. Armed with determination, I know I can achieve even greater things on the path ahead.